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A Vision for Witnessing to the Community​

I see a Ministry to Men and a Ministry to Women focused upon life encouragements and mentoring. These ministries are beyond a program or ecclesiastical gathering and involve various methodologies for fellowship around the Scriptures, broadening relationships through recreation and other activities, and providing opportunities of service to the community.  The primary goal for these ministries is to free up men and women to be mentors and to benefit from the various life experiences of others. Various special needs envelop adults and their families, and networking with other adults of like situations will be a benefit. I see men and women blessing one another and being more confident about their lives, becoming the men and women the Lord intended.

I see a Senior Adult Day Care Ministry providing safe care for aging parents and family members of the community, assisting them in keeping older adults active and a part of society, honoring their failing years and providing an environment of friendship and joy.

I see a congregation being a good neighbor by serving as a “community resource center,” enriching the community through seminars, conferences, concerts, clinics, and other activities that address needs within the community such as; Christian marriage, family dynamics, parenting, divorce, grief, employment skills, etc. I see a church using its facilities as a disaster relief center, working closely with local relief and benevolence agencies.

I see a Missions Endowment and a Facilities Endowment providing funds in perpetuity for the mission initiatives of the congregation and the ongoing maintenance and capital improvements of all facilities of the church.  These funds would come from benevolence gifts, trust funds, special gifts, and memorial gifts. I see congregants and guests using these endowments to continue their Christian witness in giving long after they have graduated to heaven.

I see a missional congregation; that is; a church consistently investigating and evaluating ways to coordinate with other groups and agencies in the area to meet human need, but also interested in developing missional partnerships with other churches or groups within our state and in other parts of the world.  I see a congregation growing to designate 25% of its tithes and offerings for missional partnerships locally and abroad.

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It should be noted that the “Great Commission” was given after the disciples worshipped Jesus.  The text says, “When they saw him they fell down and worshipped him.” Worshipping God in Christ is a primary privilege and function of the Christian Church.  

Also, within this commission there is the emphasis of making “disciples” and “teaching” obedience to the Lord.  The proclamation of the Word of God finds expression in our worship, but we also seek to teach the Word in our various groups of adults, youth, and children. 

The phrase, “as you are going” is Christ’s anticipation of his Church.  His followers by their living are to bear fruit by magnifying the good news to “all nations.” Our witness includes mission initiatives as well as our personal story of Christ’s love and forgiveness and how his presence affects our living.

This is the mission of the worshipping church: to make disciples, teaching the words of Christ and witnessing the grace of God in Christ so that those who hear us will have the opportunity to choose to be forgiven and to become a child of God.