Ezekiel: "I AM the LORD" 

The prophet is one of the most energetic and dramatic of the prophets.  His dramatic visions and usual antics to get the message of God across to the people is amusing at the least.  He was made keenly aware of God’s presence and power in human affairs, and his message could not be misunderstood, but certainly could be ignored.  Interestingly enough, some of the issues with which Ezekiel was contending the Church does so today.


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This joyful letter of St. Paul to the believers in Philippi is dominated by the writer's love for the fellowship while at the same time calling on them to faithful confidence in Christ.  He does so amid the pressures of Roman culture pressing in upon them.  He gives them encourage with moral insight and his personal assurances and experiences in the defense of the faith.  It is an apologetic that every Christian should read, mediate, and interpret into their own lives.

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Bible-in-Life Fellowship is an in-depth and reflective Bible Study for adults focusing on topics and biblical texts that revitalize daily living.  The conduct of the fellowship is interactive and dialogical and is facilitated by the pastor, Dr. Larry Harper. 


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