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Minister of Children and Families

Job Description


  1. Articulate and communicate a clear and compelling vision and strategy for children their families.
  2. Sharing Christ with lost and un-churched children, leading them and their family to faith in Christ and Church membership, helping them and their family to grow spiritually, and providing opportunities for their Christian ministry.
  3. Growth numerically and spiritually with an expansion of the ministries offered.
  4. Counsel (spiritual development) of children and their family related to their spiritual life, social and family relationships, etc.
  5. Provide a strong foundation in the Christian faith and in sound Biblical doctrine.
  6. Provide Ministerial support for staff, program directors and church committees.


  1. Establish annual and long-range goals for children and family ministries that are consistent with the Vision of First Baptist Church, Swansboro.
  2. Plan, direct, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive childrens ministry taking into consideration the spiritual, physical recreational, social and psychological development of children. Develop relationships with parents of the children. Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced children ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission and outreach. Be an advocate for children and educate the congregation about the concerns and needs of children in the church and community.
  3. Strive to enlist the children and their family to be actively involved in worship, Bible study, prayer, and other Christian exercises.
  4. Offer special programs of spiritual growth and fellowship such as mission activities, camps, retreats, meetings, banquets, and dramas. Expanding children programs. Support and oversee current programs and events that our children are involved in.
  5. Partner with parents in their children’s spiritual formation by providing multiple and regular classes, resources and experiences that equip and encourage parents in the role as primary spiritual instructor and guide.
  6. Study and recommend changes in the children and families ministry as needed for organization, space use, equipment and furnishing needs, policies and procedures, materials, programs, curriculum, education methods, etc. Seek to improve personal skills and abilities through training and training workers with needed classes and information.
  7. Direct the teaching programs of the children division (Sunday school, Mission Organizations, Discipleship Training) in cooperation with the appropriate directors. Manage program for birth through elementary age study, research lessons for Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights.
  8. Be familiar with and adhere to the Policies of First Baptist Church, Swansboro with emphasis on Safety and Security of Children and applicable laws.
  9. Prepare/submit to the finance committee, an annual budget for children ministry needs, and administer the approved budget according to church policy. Maintain children’s budget line items. Complete Financial Disbursement forms in a timely manner and turned into Office Administrator.
  10. Recruit, train, manage, supervise and appreciate teachers, helpers, musicians and any other volunteers necessary to staff Children’s Ministries at First Baptist Church, Swansboro.
  11. In coordination with other Pastoral Staff, provide pastoral care to families with children (birth – 5th grade) who are in crisis. This responsibility may include hospital visitation, family counseling, grief counsel and care, praying with and for families, etc.
  12. Develop, implement and maintain effective and regular communication with parents concerning Children and Family ministries through various mediums-  verbal, print, digital, social media and other electronic communications tools (such as email, church Web site, etc.)
  13. Create a safe and loving environment in which children and their families can come to learn about salvation through Christ and worship God.
  14. Integrate children and their families into the larger church community. Help foster an “extended family” atmosphere where all ages are valued and contribute to the ministry.
  15. Be the “face” of the children’s ministry to the church.
  16. Be an advocate, ambassador, and champion to the church on behalf of the children’s ministry; communicate with church frequently through various mediums- verbal, print, digital, social media and other electronic communications tools (such as email, church Web site, etc.)


  1. Obtain a North Carolina driver’s license to operate all church vehicles. Communicate through timely use and response to inquiries through personal contact, emails and telephone.
  2. Training and equipping children’s program workers.
  3. Participate in the Worship services as directed by the Pastor.
  4. Serve as a member of the church council representing the children ministry and coordinating with other church ministries. Ex-officio church committee member as directed by senior pastor, including nominating committee.
  5. Attend weekly staff meeting and participate in the ministerial visitation program to prospective members, potential leads, hospital, and crisis visitation. Assist pastor in visitation, to include hospital visits. Associational children workers planning meetings for associational events. Administration - assist pastor in development of comprehensive outreach program. Outreach program - follow-up with church members and prospective members. Assist visitors that come to the office and ask about church programs, membership or counseling members that come by or call that have questions or need counseling.
  6. Consult with and support the ministries of other staff members.
  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Pastor.
  8. Assist pastor in administering the sacraments and ordinances of the church. Assist with funerals/weddings. Under section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) publication 517, if a church or denomination ordains some ministers and licenses or commissions others, anyone licensed or commissioned must be able to perform substantially all the religious functions of an ordained minister to be treated as a minister for social security purposes. 
  9. Maintain relationship with Minister of Youth and Education. Assist in the planning and supervising of the Vacation Bible School sessions.


  1. Must maintain personal devotions and be a personal soul-winner. Must profess a vocational calling to children and family ministry.
  2. Maintain a high moral and ethical lifestyle. Is expected to maintain integrity beyond reproach. Should have a safe driving record and be insurable on church policies.
  3. Must be able to connect and relate exceptionally well to children and parents. Showing A genuine love for children.
  4. Have a passion for ministry to children and seeing both parents and children grow in their faith.
  5. Be highly relational, personable, with outstanding communications skills.
  6. Display strong leadership, administrative and organizational skills.
  7. Exhibit the ability to enable, motivate, empower, and support volunteers and coworkers to effectively carry out the work of the children’s ministry.
  8. Possess the ability to use appropriate judgment, discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality.
  9. Children and Families Minister is expected to tithe, keep their personal financial obligations current, and otherwise show financial responsibility. Must be able to keep complete and accurate records for children fundraisers and/or payments for children activities. The church financial secretary/treasurer shall deposit all monies in church accounts.
  10. The Minister Children and Families reports directly to the pastor. Maintain open communications in planning and directing through frequent meetings of the Children Committee, Church Council, and Staff meetings. Will be evaluated annually by the pastor.The Children and Families Minister is expected to improve personal skills and abilities through continued training. Continuing education for Minister of Children – area of child development (approved by the pastor).

614 W. Corbett Avenue, Swansboro, NC 28584