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It should be noted that this “Great Commission” was given after the disciples worshipped Jesus.  The text says, “When they saw him they fell down and worshipped him.” Worshipping God in Christ is a primary privilege and function of the Christian Church.  Worship is vital for the spiritual growth and expression of the believer.

Also, within this commission there is the emphasis of making “disciples” and “teaching” obedience to the Lord.  The proclamation of the Word of God finds expression in our worship, but we also seek to teach the Word in our various groups of adults, youth, and children. 

The phrase, “as you are going” is Christ’s anticipation of his Church.  His followers by their living are to bear fruit by magnifying the good news to “all nations.” Our witness includes mission initiatives as well as our personal story of Christ’s love and forgiveness and how his presence affects our living.

This is the mission of the worshipping church: to make disciples, teaching the words of Christ and witnessing the grace of God in Christ so that those who hear us will have the opportunity to choose to be forgiven and to become a child of God.

VISION: Worship, Word & Witness

"As you are going into the world make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit; teaching them to observe all that I have said to you, and I will always be with you.” (Matthew 28:18-19).

is that which needs to be done to close a gap; that is, "what is" (the state of things now) must be transformed into "what ought to be." Mission is the sum total of all the actions and attitudes required to move from "what is" to "what ought to be."


is that mental image and description of "what ought to be.” Vision describes something that does not presently exist but points to and completes the mission.

A Vision for Worshipping God

I see a body of believers in Christ who are enthusiastic and intentional about making an impact for the kingdom of God in this community by every member being equipped to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I see members actively sharing information about the church’s ministry, starting fellowship groups to invite friends over to meet their church friends, and simply being the presence of Christ around the area. I see each believing member using his or her spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ, and I see them giving consistently and sacrificially.MORE >>

A Vision for Teaching the Word

I see needs-based Bible studies, organized weekly-programmed Bible study opportunities, and neighborhood Bible study outreach groups excelling in the interpretation and application of the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I see teachers and facilitators so committed to their calling that their participants are drawn to their passion in such a way that the common view of organized Bible studies is no longer a “take-it-or-leave-it” scheduled item.  I see teachers and facilitators trained in multiple ways of presenting the biblical text to their groups. I see all Bible study groups building and offering community around the Word of Christ, swelling in participation, and witnessing the transformation of lives.  MORE >>


A Vision for Witnessing to the Community

I see a Ministry to Men and a Ministry to Women focused upon life encouragements and mentoring. These ministries are beyond a program or ecclesiastical gathering and involve various methodologies for fellowship around the Scriptures, broadening relationships through recreation and other activities, and providing opportunities of service to the community.  The primary goal for these ministries is to free up men and women to be mentors and to benefit from the various life experiences of others. Various special needs envelop adults and their families, and networking with other adults of like situations will be a benefit. I see men and women blessing one another and being more confident about their lives, becoming the men and women the Lord intended. MORE >>