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"Christ is All"

Spiritual Resources

The Scriptures are rich with the tools to help you manage your living and provide stability when the flow of living is interrupted. God's Word is a treasure filled with promises from God through narratives about people of faith and how they endured.

​​​​​​​​How to Become a Christian

Being a Christian is more than a "religion." It is a relationship. Look at these Scriptures and follow their direction in establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Remember it has to be YOUR faith for this relationship to work.

Following Jesus in Baptism

It is a first act of obedience to Christ after professing faith in His death and resurrection. It was significant, symbolic, and a turning point for Jesus, and so should it be for all believers.

Why Be a Member of a Church?

Even though church membership is a voluntary matter it is a serious issue for it reflects and gives testimony to the work and ministry of Jesus Christ.  

Developing Your Personal Bible Study

Reading and studying the Scriptures is not a waste of time. It is the greatest investment of time, for the teachings and principles give direction and confidence in living out a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Prayer: An Act of Faith 

Prayer is a wonderful advantage in life but is usually misunderstood.  Does God answer prayers and how do you know?  What is the prayer of faith, and what does Jesus have to do with prayer? Are there any prerequisites to praying?

The Assurances of God 

A listing of specific issues and topics that people face with numerous Scriptures related to each topic PLUS a summary teaching for each grouping of Scriptures.


Does God choose who is going to be saved?  What about the concept of "election"?  Is there a plan for life and we're just along for the ride?