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Not So With You

​​​​​Dr. Larry Harper

  • Not So With You2:44
  • Available2:45
  • Carry On2:09
  • Established2:10
  • Underneath and Above1:49
  • At All Times1:13
  • The Presence3:35
  • Hello1:54
  • Unpayable2:21
  • Towel Theology1:40

It shall not be so among you.

But whoever would be great among you must be your servant.

(Matthew 20:25)

A hillbilly walks into a store and is immediately curious about a shiny object on sale. He asks the shop assistant, "What is that?"  The assistant responds, "It's a thermos." "What does it do?" "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold." So he buys one.  The next day he brings the thermos to work with him. A friend asks, "What's that?"  "It's a thermos."  "What does it do?" "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold."  His friend then asks, "What do you have in there?"  He replies, "Chili and iced tea."

The mixed and confusing theologies of Jesus’ day frustrated our Lord.  People would say one thing and do another and believed that this mixture in living was okay in the sight of God.  Ceremony and traditional platitudes had become a substitute for authentic faith.

Jesus gave to his disciples (and to us) a clear directive. “Not so with you.”

One of the saddest trends today in religious faith is that people become a part of a church understanding “service” as “serve me.”  “What do you have to offer me?” “Tell me about all of your activities for my age group?”  These and other programming facets are important for the building up of the fellowship and attracting people to that fellowship, but Jesus’ mindset - and that which He sought to give to His follower - was servanthood. 

The effectiveness of the church today is in the people who have learned the joy of servanthood; however, far too many in our churches today continue to mix complacency with commitment.  They have just enough religion to make them decent, but not enough to make them dynamic. It is this “not-so-with-you” calling of Christ that makes us dynamic.  The reason?  We are choosing a role in life that He chose without compromise.  Isn’t that following Him?