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  • Those Words2:56
  • Projected Outcome1:33
  • Almost-Disaster1:51
  • God-given Blessing1:35
  • Memories2:14
  • Surprised to Receive2:10
  • Forget Accordingly2:09
  • Love Defined1:48
  • We Will Get It2:22
  • Just Saying1:45

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Those Words

​Dr. Larry Harper

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up... 
(Ephesians 4:29)


One day four ministers went to play golf at a prestigious golf course, caddy required.  An appreciative member of one of their churches had provided the costs for the outing.  After several holes with absolutely horrible shots, the caddy asked profoundly, "Are you guys ministers or something?!”  "Actually, yes," one of them said.  "Why?"  The caddy shaking his head said, "Because, I’ve never seen such bad golf and such clean language!"


Frustration does not always have to elicit fowl language, whether it comes from frustration with yourself or the circumstances of the moment.  There is a way to constrain one’s self.  I have often been told growing up that profanity was an indication of a poor vocabulary.  The profane words were used because the individual had no other knowledge of better words.


There is a deeper issue with profanity, however.  The quick blasts of the “four letter” type may be evidence of repressed anger and unresolved issues within.  Some things have been “swallowed” over time, ignored, and the result is a biting anger at life.  Sadly, some profanity is a disregard for the Lord, while the one proclaiming such sees themselves as a part of the crowd, showing off for peers, or thinking they are demonstrating some envious bravado. 


It is a noble and Christ-centered effort to be patient with those who use what has been termed “colorful language” while keeping in mind their own reactions to frustration or circumstances may come across just as vile without the use of those words.