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On Our Knees

​​​Dr. Larry Harper

  • On Our Knees2:44
  • That Claim of Christmas1:46
  • Heavenly Calling1:49
  • It Happened1:46
  • The Baby Changed Everything2:34
  • Christmas Spirit1:56
  • Godly Conversation1:56
  • The Rush1:11
  • That Claim of Christmas1:44
  • Preparations2:01

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace

among those with whom he is pleased." 

​(Luke 2:14)

During each Christmas season, I am confronted with the genuineness of my personal worship. For instance, the enthusiastic worship of the angels creates within a renewed hunger for the glorious movement of God that shakes the rafters and vibrates the heart. But before I interpret it all emotionally, the curious, evangelistic worship of the shepherds sparks a fresh approach to God, wondering what He might do or reveal, producing the burning urge to talk of it and live it before anyone. Apparently, with the glory and emotion of worship there is required a viable ethic.

The humble, generous worship of the wise men reminds me that my response of worship is giving while adoring. Worship can quickly fall into the realm of preference rather than gifting. I can want my type of worship, and even demand it (focusing on selfishness) while forgetting praise is for Him, initiated by my love and adoration and not the environment of music, litany, and the like. These influential men got on their knees before a baby in a sheep stall! How about that for an example of humility?

Finally, I cannot forget the surrendered, obedient worship of Joseph and Mary. Their's was an occasion of worship out of reverence and surrender (certainly something for us to think about). From their individual callings from God to the certain value-conflicts with family and friends, Joseph and Mary remained faithful. From the upheaval of a population struggling with a census to the final place for the birth, they reverenced the God who called them. Their enduring servanthood is impressive. Worship that is of the heart and mind and the soul will lay upon these the confidence to endure because it this birth, this Incarnation, this gift that compels us to our knees. It is on our knees in adoration that we can stand the tallest in any adversity. Wouldn’t you agree?

Glorify yourself in our personal and corporate worship, O Lord. Thank you for the indescribable gift. Amen.