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​Dr. Larry Harper

Let what you say be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything more than this comes from evil.

(Matthew 5:37)

A man who was trying to be more diligent in witnessing his faith saw an opportunity at the “10 Items or Less” line at the grocery store.  He said to the clerk in response to a headline on a magazine, “It’s sad how dishonest people are these days,” hoping to start a conversation. Without looking up the clerk said, “It sure is. I count thirteen items here not ten.”

Integrity is an issue today, and is an issue for every day.  We want it in our relationships.  We expect it of our leaders.  Some would say it means, “Practice what you preach,” or “Do what you say.” Integrity is not reputation, but has to do with character.

The Great Wall of China is a great example. The Chinese wanted to be protected from their northern enemies and control migration, so they built the wall, making it so long you couldn’t go around it.; so thick that they couldn’t knock it down; and so tall that you couldn’t go over it.  Archelologists believe that the wall in its historical entirety stretched for over 13,000 miles.  The Chinese felt very protected; however, in the first hundred years of the Great Wall’s existence, China was invaded successfully three separate times.  At issue was the character of the gatekeepers.  They were easily bribed.

For believers in Christ, integrity is what God knows you to be rather than a reputation you might have with others.

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  • Lords Prayer Celebrated1:46
  • The Lords Prayer Revisited2:16
  • Terrible Trusting1:34
  • A Hard Thing to Give2:01
  • Come Away1:46
  • Strong Refuge2:32
  • Listen4:02
  • Shout of Grace1:48