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By L.O. Harper  

“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place…”
(Mark 6:31)

Here's a riddle: what disappears the moment you say its name? Here's a hint from Will Rogers who said, "Never miss a good chance to shut up."

The answer is silence. Being quiet for a moment is a spiritually healthy thing to do. It will still the soul and allow for deeper thoughts to invade an already busy mind. Noise is all around us and it is being built into us every moment of every day. You cannot go anywhere or do anything without noise. The young are seen always with headsets on or earplugs in listening to their favorite music. Someone is always talking. The Television seems to always be on.  Someone is always calling on the phone, or the chirp on your mobile device alerts you to that someone needs you.

God has said that he speaks in a still small voice, so I've often wondered how we can hear Him if we are always plugged in, attached to, or attentive to the noise that drowns us.

It is my conviction that to avoid silence or not to plan for a moment of solitude is a waste. The calm and quiet that accompany silence to me is a blessing; so much so, that I believe that silence is a holy gift.  There is comfort there.  There is a calming energy.  Your thoughts may at first race in all directions, but before long if you practice a time of silence, you’ll find the truth, “he restores my soul.”

Practicing silence at first may feel like a misuse of time, but it can be an energizing few moments where you can be in touch with who you are under God.  Why not pause, be still, be quiet, and think of your heavenly Father, and notice what happens.

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